Blogging, yeah!

I set this blog up a few months back to write about stuff that interests me and might interest other people. The problem is knowing what to write. I am tempted to post random sections of my thesis here. That might entertain me, but it would hardly entertain most other people. It might also cause me problems later in my thesis. On the other hand, it might entertain people to see selections from papers I have given. We shall have to wait and see, I guess. It is also tempting to get the blog to post Dilbert strips here. I can relate to Dilbert in oh so many ways, even though I am not and never have been an engineer. It’s a cubicle thing. That would certainly fill some space. I could comment on how each strip reflects my life. Similarly, I could do the same with Piled Higher and Deeper. That might be entertaining for me, but probably best not. Anyway, I reckon the best option is to just write about what interests me and let anyone that reads this judge its entertainment value on its own merits. So, let’s set out a mission statement:

‘It is our job to competently maintain high-quality intellectual capital while continuing to continually facilitate progressive meta-services’

Um, yes, well I did not write that one. It’s from the Dilbert Mission Statement Generator that once existed online in a place I could find it. Still, I reckon I can take something from it. High quality intellectual capital? Blog posts are intellectual capital, aren’t they? So, I shall competently (or otherwise) maintain high-quality (or possibly merely mediocre) intellectual capital on this blog. Now, about these progressive meta-services. I shall define the meta-service as being providing information about my interest in Viking Age and medieval Scandinavia and related topics. How do I make it progressive? I think I shall just have to try to make some progress with it. That will have to do. And continually? Well, that does not require constant, rapid updates. Weekly posts without interruption might well be construed as continually, so I shall try to do that. That way I can meet the requirements of the mission statement I randomly found online.

Therefore, to meet the requirements of my mission statement, I shall post each week about things related to my interest in Vikings and Scandinavia. Hopefully any that read it will find it of interest. Given that I am prone to going off at a tangent, I do not promise not to post more random wittering though!

About ruarigh

Historical consultant, archaeologist and peripatetic berserkerologist. My PhD was a cognitive analysis and textual archaeology of the Old Norse berserkr in popular culture from the early medieval period to the present day.
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2 Responses to Blogging, yeah!

  1. knotrune says:

    Yay! You’re blogging! 😀
    If you plan to blog weekly, you could join the PostAWeek challenge. Just add PostAWeek2011 as a tag and check out their site:
    I don’t bother with the prompts usually, although I do do the photo challenge (I said doodoo… 😉 ) but mostly it’s about the community. If you click on the tag link you find other folks doing the challenge and they can find you.
    If you posted bits of your thesis, I’d read them. Might help with that insomnia… 😀 No, really, I’d read them 🙂 But I’ll read any old crap these days…

    • ruarigh says:

      Thanks. Not sure I want to formalise the process though. I would rather just post when I have something to say, with a view to posting once a week and try to keep the posts themed. I’ve a few movie reviews to post as easy stuff when I cannot think of anything else and then I reckon a few factoids from my thesis rather than chunks of it would be appropriate. The factoids (or are they factettes) might help me organise my thinking too. That should do it.

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